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Fullmetal Alchemist anime timeline :

3086 B.C.:
-The king of Lebis attempts to bring his wife back to life using Golems but fails, and wipes out the entire civilisation of Lebis in one night.

1515 A.D.:
-In the former site of present-day Central City, Hohenheim and Dante create a Philosopher's Stone from the souls of plague victims and those accused of witchcraft. Hohenheim almost dies, but Dante saves his life by tranferring his soul onto another person, thus starting their cycle of body-transferring.

1535 (Amestris):
-Hohenheim attempts human transmutation to bring his son who died at age 18 due to Mercury poisoning back to life but fails, creating the first Homunculus Envy instead.

1735 (Amestris):
-The Armstrong family begins serving Amestris.

1774 or 1784 (Amestris):
-Greed rebels against Dante and is sealed inside Laboratory 5.

1814 (Amestris):
-Camilla starts looking for an alchemist to create the Philosopher's Catalyst.

1815 (Amestris):
-Hohenheim leaves Dante.
-The first railroad through Resembool is built.

1854 (Amestris):
-Oldest report on an activity perpetrated by Camilla.

Between 1855 and 1864 (Amestris):
-Juliet Douglas is born.

1864 (Amestris):
-Arlen Glostner and Jack Crowley meet while exploring the ruins of Lebis. Arlen helps Jack revive his dead girlfriend Elma, who happens to resemble the queen of Lebis, as a Golem. Half a year later, she turns back into dirt. He keeps reviving her again and again until Arlen decides to stop helping him.

1878 (Amestris):
-Trisha Elric is born.

1885 (Amestris):
-Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang are born.

1890 (Amestris):
-The Ishvalan man, later known as Scar, is born.
-Clara/Psiren is born.
-Karin, a beautiful flower seller, falls off a cliff due to a cart accident and is presumed dead, though in actuality, she loses her memory and gets taken in by the inhabitants of a nearby village. Believing her to be dead, her lover, Majhal, kidnaps young girls so he can bind their souls to create living versions of dolls resembling Karin. Due to the process being incomplete, the souls reject their new vessels, causing them to wander around the village as zombies.

1897 (Amestris):
-Rose Thomas is born.

1899 (Amestris):
-February 3: Edward Elric is born.
-Winry Rockbell is born.
-Juliet Douglas dies in an accident.

1900 (Amestris):
-Alphonse Elric is born.
-Russell Tringham is born.

1901 (Amestris):
-Führer King Bradley alters Juliet Douglas' military records, saying she accidentally shot an Ishvalan child. In reality, this is a cover for the military to send in a black ops unit, killing several priests in a monastery in the process (except for Scar's Master), starting the Ishval Rebellion. Shortly after, Marta's squad is taken to Laboratory 5 and turned into chimeras, under supervision from Basque Grand and Tim Marcoh, to prevent the truth about how the war started a secret.

1905 (Amestris):
-Ed and Al transmute a doll for Winry's birthday.
-Selim Bradley is born.

1906 (Amestris):
-Nina Tucker is born.

1907 (Amestris):
-Roy is ordered by Basque Grand to kill Sara and Urey Rockbell, Winry's parents, as insurgents, due to their Ishvalan patients going back to the battlefield.
-Ed and Al transmute a pair of metal dog statues. They find out about Winry's parents' death.

1908 (Amestris):
-A brigade of State Alchemists is called in to neutralize the Ishval Civil War.
-Dr. Marcoh leaves the battlefield.
-Shou Tucker transmutes his wife into a chimera in order to become a State Alchemist.
-Earliest possible date for Menny's date of birth.

1909 (Amestris):
-Nash Tringham returns to Xenotime after doing some research on the red water for years and resumes research to produce red water so that the town will bounce back. At the same time, the red water causes a plague and the deaths of babies soon after they are born.
-Dr. Marcoh shows up in Xenotime to cure the people from the disease caused by the red water by using a Red Stone. With Marcoh's information about the toxic red water, Belsio confronts Nash Tringham. Realizing this was his fault, Nash decides to end this. In response to this, Mugear kills him.
-Ed and Al find their mother collapsed when they return home. It turns out she fell prey to a sickness.
-Ed and Al send mail to all of Hohenheim's retained correspondences' addresses.
-Trisha Elric dies.
-When a heavy rainstorm is causing trouble in Resembool, Izumi and her husband show and she uses alchemy to build a moat to keep the water from overflowing. The next day, Ed and Al convince her to have them as her apprentices.
-Ed and Al are left at Yock Island for one month before training with Izumi. As they're being attacked by a mysterious masked man who is actually Mason in disguise, Ed and Al realize the meaning of the phrase ''All is one, one is all.''
-Ed and Al go to Hiessgart with Izumi and meet Professor Wilhelm Eiselstein and his daughter Selene. The day before they return to Dublith, the Professor finishes the initial prototype of the Philosopher's Catalyst and begins his experiment. Unfortunately, the experiment fails with a rebound, hitting Selene. The Professor tries to stop the mutation, but fails. Selene's body fuses with the wing and becomes Armony.

1910 (Amestris):
-February: Ed and Al attempt human transmutation to bring their mother Trisha back to life. This fails, and Ed is sent into the Gate and Al loses his whole body. Ed loses his left leg as he figures out how to bond Al's soul to the armor, which costs him his right arm in the process. Inside the Gate, Wrath takes Ed's limbs for himself. Al takes Ed to Winry and Pinako's house. Roy Mustang arrives shortly after in response to their letters and says he's interested in Ed, due to him surviving a failed human transmutation.
-Dante takes Trisha's transmuted body to her house and starts feeding her red stones.
-After feeding Trisha's transmuted body enough red stones for her to attain it's form as a Homunculus, Dante names her Sloth and places her under Pride's command to serve in the military under Juliet Douglas' vacant name, which Pride had previously used to start the Ishval Civil War without suspicion.
-Winry and Pinako provide Ed with automail limbs.
-April: Claus' older sister is killed by a Karin doll.
-Shou Tucker, for his annual assessment exam, turns in what Basque Grand refers to as a ''pile of trash'', calling it research.
-May: Gracia Hughes gets pregnant with Elicia.
-October 3: Ed and Al burn down their house and go to Central City for Ed to become a State Alchemist.
-October 4: Winry and Pinako find the Elric house burned down. Ed and Al decide to visit Majhal due to his name appearing numerous times on Hohenheim's correspondences, and find out the village he lives in has numerous accounts of zombies.
-October 5: Ed and Al find out the zombies are actually dolls created by Majhal to resemble his lost love, Karin, and reveal to him that Lebi, his friend is actually Karin, who recently regained her memory. Refusing to acknowledge this, Majhal starts a fight and gets stabbed by his own sword.
-October 6: After being thanked by Claus, Ed and Al take the train to Central City and save it from a group of terrorists named the Blue Squad. After they arrive in Central City, Roy arranges for them to live with Shou Tucker during their studies.

1911 (Amestris):
-February 3: Hughes invites the Elric brothers and Nina over to his house to celebrate Ed's birthday. Gracia Hughes suddenly goes into labor, and when Hughes leaves to get the doctor, the kids have to help her. Soon after, the doctor arrives and Elicia Hughes is born.
-Ed passes his State Alchemist certification exam.
-Ed receives his State Alchemist pocket watch and, suspicious of Tucker's wife's disappearance, investigates Tucker's chimera studies. On his way out of the library, he meets Scar. Shou Tucker transmutes his daughter and his dog into a chimera, which Scar kills out of mercy.
-Shou Tucker is supposedly executed without a trial, but is actually fused with a chimera's body and made to work at Laboratory 5.
-Ed resigns as a State Alchemist to investigate on the matter of the serial killer who targets women, believing him to have been the one who killed Nina. He gets reinstated after helping arrest him and finally gets his title as the Fullmetal Alchemist.
-Barry the Chopper's soul is sealed inside an armor and is ordered to guard Laboratory 5.
-Ed and Al go to Youswell and deal with Yoki.
-Yoki's assistant Lyra decides to study alchemy with Dante so that she can improve her alchemy.
-Latest possible date for Menny's date of birth.

1912 (Amestris):
-The Slicer brothers are supposedly sentenced to death, but their souls are actually trasmuted into an armor and they are ordered to guard Laboratory 5.
-Sloth, posing as Juliet Douglas still, is promoted to secretary of Führer King Bradley.

1913 (Amestris):
-Envy starts the Fossil Disease in a village. A woman named Lydia finds some herbs to hopefully cure the village, but her chariot gets overturned by a mudslide, which Lust and Gluttony come across. They meet Lujon, who is Lydia's fiancé, and who is trying to use alchemy to cure the village. As part of the Homunculus' plan to have Lujon stop the disease which will only be temporary and then take that power away to force him to create a Philosopher's Stone out of despair, Lust teaches him alchemy and gives him a fake Philosopher's Stone to cure his village. Lujon falls in love with Lust, and on the day of his marriage with Lydia, proclaims his love to her, which unfortunately Lydia sees.

1914 (Amestris):
-Chimeras appear in Hiessgart and chase the citizens away. Professor Eiselstein helps build New Hiessgart.
-In Southwest Amestris, Ed and Al fight Huskisson, a scientist who is trying to give the uranium bomb that he invented to the military. He attempts to transmute dead men with machines and ends up being sent to the other side of the Gate. After Ed and Al escape the exploding castle, the story of the Alchemist of the People spreads from a few regions to the whole continent.
-Ed and Al go to Liore and fight and defeat Father Cornello.
-Ed and Al get caught up in the hunt for the Phantom Thief, Psiren.
-Ed and Al go to Xenotime and meet Russell and Fletcher Tringham, who are posing as them.
-In order to get information on Dr. Marcoh, Ed fights Roy in a duel.
-When they go to a nearby village to meet Dr. Marcoh and ask him about the Philosopher's Stone, Ed and Al are attacked by Scar, who kills Basque Grand. During the battle, Al's body and Ed's automail arm are heavily damaged.
-As they go to Resembool to get Ed's automail repaired, Al accidentally gets left behind in a village and a boy wears his armor body to a fight, and Ed meets a veteran of the Ishval Civil War. Meanwhile, Dr. Marcoh is killed by Lust and eaten by Gluttony.
-Ed, Al and Armstrong finally arrive at Resembool to get Ed's automail arm repaired. Ed visits Trisha's grave. Winry looks inside Ed's pocketwatch and finds out that he engraved the date he and Al burned down their home in it. Ed repairs Al. The evening before leaving, Ed, Al and Armstrong visit the remains of the house. Later that night, Ed and Al investigate a nearby cave and meet Jack Crowley and the Elma Golem. The next day, Ed, Al and Armstrong leave Resembool.
-Ed and Al report to Eastern Command about their encounter with the Golems in Resembool. Later, along with Riza, they go to the village of Bord'wan which is infested with Golems and meet Arlen. They go to Siam-Sid, where Ed and Al defeat Jack.
-Ed, Al and Armstrong depart to Central City, when suddenly, the train they are riding is attacked by terrorists trying to lure alchemists into creating the Philosopher's Catalyst. The fight ends with the train destroyed, so Ed and Al decide to go to Hiessgart. On the way, they meet Armony and end up getting caught up in the search for the Philosopher's Catalyst.

1915 (Amestris):
-Ed, Al and Armstrong finally arrive at Central City, where the boys are assigned Maria Ross and Denny Brosh as bodyguards. After finding the remains of the library, they get Sheska, a girl who used to work at the library, to rewrite Marcoh's research notes.
-Sheska finishes rewriting Dr. Marcoh's research notes. Ed and Al start studying them.
-After spending ten days studying the cryptic notes, Ed and Al realize the ingredients for a Philosopher's Stone are human souls.
-Ed and Al go to Laboratory 5, where Al is tricked by Number 66, Barry the Chopper, into thinking his memories are made up, and Ed fights Number 48, the Slicer brothers, finds out Shou Tucker is still alive as a chimera and trying to bring back Nina, and meets Lust, Envy and Gluttony. Greed and his chimeras are set free thanks to Barry the Chopper pressing a button and setting off explosions. Ed is almost tricked by the Homunculi to transmute the prison inmates into a Philosopher's Stone, but he then gets an overload and is saved by Armstrong, Maria and Denny.
-Ed calls Winry and has her go to Central City to fix his automail.
-February 2: Winry arrives at Central City to fix Ed's arm and is dragged off by Hughes for his daughter's birthday party which is tomorrow.
-February 3: Winry attends Elicia's birthday. Al is still worried about what Barry told him about him being made up and runs away. Al runs into Scar, as he and other Ishvalans are being terrorized by Barry the Chopper and some mercenaries posing as State Alchemists. After being reunited with Al, Ed reveals to him that he wanted to ask him if he hates him for the failed human transmutation.
-Ed, Al and Winry go to Rush Valley on their way to Dublith to meet Izumi. Hughes discovers a connection with Laboratory 5 and the Ishval Civil War and gets killed by Envy.
-Ed participates at an automail arm-wrestling competition, and Winry gets angry at him when she finds out he cheated. At night, she meets Paninya and conspires with her. The next day, Paninya steals Ed's pocket watch. After getting it back, he and Al are confronted by Izumi and Sig Curtis.
-Ed, Al and Winry go to Dublith with Izumi, and the Elric brothers end up revealing to her that they attempted human transmutation. Meanwhile, Roy chooses his subordinates to go with him to Central City.
-Izumi leaves Ed and Al at Yock Island for them to reflect on their mistakes.
-As Ed and Al are about to return to Dublith, they meet Wrath, who has been living in the island for years. Meanwhile, Sloth assigns Envy to go after Ed and Al while Lust and Gluttony deal with Greed.
-Suspecting Wrath's right hand and left leg to be Ed's, Ed and Al scare him into running away. After chasing him for a while, they find him on a rooftop, and he gets taken away by the military to South City for questioning. Izumi assaults South Headquarters, and in all the commotion, Wrath meets Envy, who feeds him Red Stones, making him effectively a member of the Homunculi. Meanwhile, after Yoki called the military, Roy and his gang go to the Southern Slums to apprehend Scar. Lust and Gluttony kill Yoki and blame it on the military, starting a riot, which Roy steps in and gets under control.
-In the middle of the night/early morning, Izumi goes to Yock Island with Wrath, intending to kill him, but he overpowers her and almost kills her before Ed, Al and Winry show up. Wrath is taken by Envy and Sloth, and Izumi has Ed and Al meet Dante, who was her alchemy teacher. When she mentions Hohenheim, Ed angrily leaves, which helps with Greed's plans. Greed knocks him out while his chimeras kidnap Al and take him to the Devil's Nest. As Ed catches up with Greed and his chimeras, the military storms the Devil's Nest. Ed gets interrogated by Frank Archer but escapes using dummies of himself, Izumi and Sig. He then follows Greed to Dante's house, where Dante fakes her own death and tranferred her soul to Lyra's body. Thinking Greed killed Dante, Ed fights him and eventually kills him. As he dies, Greed reveals to Ed that Homunculi become weaker when exposed to the remains of the human they were created from. Later, Ed, Al and Winry leave Dublith to go to Ishval.
-Ed, Al and Winry come across Lydia and take her back to her village as she tells them what happened two years ago, while at the same time, Lust and Lujon meet again. The next day, Lujon tells Lust that he won't let Lust leave him again, prompting Lust to kill him. A few minutes later, the villagers all perish due to the reappearance of the Fossil Disease, and Lydia runs over to Lujon's corpse and dies by his side.
-Ed and Al try to help Ishvalan refugees who are being taken further south by the military and talk to an Ishvalan Exile. Winry realizes that Roy is the one who killed her parents, and upon going to Central City with Riza, finds out about Hughes' death.
-The Mustang Unit is ordered to investigate Roy. Havoc is set up with Catherine Elle Armstrong but she turns him down. The Mustang Unit thinks Warehouse 13 is haunted.
-Ed, Al and Marta arrive at Ishval, and Marta tells the brothers what really happened to start the Ishval Rebellion. They see Havoc and Breda, and head with them to the nearby military outpost. Ed goes to Liore to stop Scar from finishing the Grand Arcanum. When he arrives, he realizes that Rose was raped and has become the Holy Mother and finds out about Scar's past, and his plans to have everyone escape Lior and transmute the soldiers in Liore into the Philosopher's Stone. Meanwhile, Bradley leaves Central City and goes to Liore. Later, Marta attempts to fight him, but realizes he's a Homunculus and is killed by him while she tells this to Al. At night, Kimblee arrives at Lior with a group of chimeras and attacks the civilians. Ed sends a letter to Roy explaining everything that's happening in Lior, advising him and the rest of the military to stay away from the city, and Roy sends Al to look for his brother.
-In the early morning, disobeying Dante's orders, Lust goes into Liore alone to help Scar create the Philosopher's Stone. As Scar and Kimblee are fighting, Al intercedes and Kimblee uses his alchemy to transform Al's body into a bomb. Scar saves Al by finishing the Grand Arcanum and transmuting himself and all of the soldiers in the city into the Philosopher's Stone, turning Al's body into the Philosopher's Stone. As the Elric brothers flee Liore to go to Resembool, Winry realizes that the strange man who tried to start a conversation with her at the train station was in fact Hohenheim.
-Ed and Al arrive at Resembool and brush off Roy's brigade, until they realize that Roy took the mission to catch them because he wanted to know why they were running away without coming to him for help. Ed admits that the reason is because Führer Bradley is a Homunculus. The Elric brothers decide to stay in Resembool as Roy tries to redirect the military to make them think they're heading north to Drachma. Hohenheim overhears the conversatin between Ed and Al about Lyra wearing the same obnoxious perfume as his father and Al being relieved that she safely escaped Dante's house.
-As Hohenheim goes to Dante's house and is taken to the other side of the Gate, Ed and Al sneak into Dublith, where Ed talks with Izumi about Dante, and Al makes a deal with Tucker to transmute a doll of Nina with the Philosopher's Stone.
-Lust offers to help Ed in exchange for making her human, and Ed accepts. However, Sloth and Wrath interfere with this plan. Wrath fuses Trisha's remains which Ed had dug up, kills Lust and fuses with Sloth, which Ed uses as an opportunity to transmute Sloth into ethanol, killing her. Al is then kidnapped by Envy and taken to Central City. Izumi arrives to help Ed save Al.
-The Tringham brothers go to Central and are arrested by the military because Russell said he was the Fullmetal Alchemist to get a discount on some books, but are saved by Maria and Denny. At Central Command, Ed and Izumi escape from half-automail cyborg Frank Archer (who apparently didn't have any vital organs on the left side of his body, and got half his body replaced by automail in a few days, even though it took Ed several months to get just his arm and leg replaced!!!!) and Russell and Fletcher give Ed a note from their father, which mentions the city beneath Central. Ed goes underground and gets sent to the other side of the Gate while fighting Dante. Dante uses alchemy to turn Gluttony into a mindless eating machine. After Ed returns, Envy kills him. As Al is using the Philosopher's Stone from his body, Envy is sent to the Gate, and upon hearing from Ed that Hohenheim is alive, he transforms into a dragon and goes to the other side. Ed is brought back to life by Al, but transmutes his own body to bring back Al and is sent to the other side of the Gate, but Al is in his ten-year old body with no memory of what happened after the failed human transmutation. Meanwhile, as Roy is fighting Pride, Selim comes in with the remains of Pride's old body, forcing Pride to kill him. Using a transmutation circle made with his own blood, Roy burns Pride to death. As he's coming out of the Führer's residence, Frank Archer shows up and shoots him in the eye, before being shot from behind and killed by Riza.
-The political power of Amestris is handed to the assembly. The Ishvalans are allowed to return to their homeland. Al decides to train again with Izumi.

1916 (Earth):
-September 2: Sixteen German Zeppelins bomb London. At the same time, Ed is sent here from Amestris. As he finds himself in his Parallel World Counterpart's body, Hohenheim gets him out of the house and later explains to him that alchemy is fueled by the souls of dead people in our world. Shortly afterwards, after Hohenheim is called away by General Winston Churchill's orders, British pilot William Leefe-Robinson shoots down a German Zeppelin, which lands on Ed because he was apparently too slow to outrun a falling Zeppelin, killing his Parallel World Counterpart and sending Ed back to Amestris.

1917 (Amestris):
-Izumi dies.
-Two months later, in Liore, as the Armstrong family is announcing its reconstruction of the city into ARMSTRONG LAND, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH!!!, soldiers of the Thule Society show up from the other side of the Gate, and Al disposes of them.
-Wrath leads Al to the underground city beneath Central to help him reunite with Ed, and they are attacked by Gluttony. Al transmutes Wrath and Gluttony, opening the Gate and starting the Thule Society's attack. Ed and Al defeat Eckhart. Ed decides to fly the ship back through the portal, and upon going to the other side, is reunited with Al, who had hidden inside one of the armors.

1919 (Amestris):
-Aquroya sinks into the lake.

1921 (Earth):
-In Munich, Hohenheim joins the Thule Society, and Ed studies rocketry, hoping to find a way back to Amestris.
-Ed and Alfons Heiderich study rocketry under Dr. Hermann Oberth in Rome. After they return to Munich, Hohenheim mysteriously disappears, and Alfons lets Ed stay with him.

1923 (Earth):
-October: Ed and Alfons save Noah, a gypsy who was being sold by Erik Jan Hanussen and is trying to escape from a group of men who need her for her clairvoyant abilities. Ed sees a man who looks remarkably like Pride, but it turns out he's actually Fritz Lang. They go to a castle to look for a dragon which turns out to be Envy, who is taken by the Thule Society inside the castle, where he manages to activate the Gate.
-October 29: Ed sneaks into the villa the Thule Society is staying at, and opens the Gate, strangely enough, making the soldiers that were defeated in Liore drop in. Al manages to transfer his soul onto one of the armors and has a talk with Ed before his soul returns to his body.
-Ed goes to Berlin to help Fritz Lang out during the production of Siegfried, part 1.
-November 8: In Munich, during the Beer Hall Putsch, Dietlinde Eckhart has Envy bite down on Hohenheim at the same time that Al transmutes Wrath and Gluttony, starting their attack. Alfons sends Ed throught the Gate via rocket and is shot dead by Rudolf Hess.
-The Beer Hall Putsch is quelled.
-Ed and Al attend Alfons' funeral and decide to track down the uranium bomb and destroy it.
I decided to make a timeline of the events in the 2003 anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist, one of my favorite mangas, for no particular reason other than that I was bored.

I made this timeline following these guidelines: Since Rose gets pregnant and has a baby over the course of it, albeit offscreen, the anime should take place over more than 9 months. Add one month between when Ed and Al went to Liore and the battle in Liore, and another month between when Al was turned into the Philosopher's Stone and the end of the series, and it adds up to 11 months. So the anime takes place over at least 11 months.

The time around which the last 9 episodes take place is never stated, and in general, it's hard to tell when something would be taking place since the weather appears the same throughout the series. The only time the weather is different in the series in any of the main locations shows in the series is during Ed's 12th birthday and Elicia's birthdate, in which it snows... which exactly 4 years later is sunny, has no sign of snow anywhere, and Winry is wearing her usual tank top. However, in the movie, Northern Amestris is shown, and there's a snowstorm going on. For the purposes of this timeline, I'm assuming that's taking place in October like the time period in which Ed is in Germany in the same movie. Since it's snowing in Northern Amestris by 2 months before winter, it's reasonable to assume that it stops snowing by 2 months after winter. In the last few episodes of the anime, the military is sent to Northern Amestris, and it's not snowing, so the last 9 episodes take place at some point between May and October.

The last guideline I followed is the moon phases. I searched throughout the episodes that had scenes taking place at night for seeing what the moon phase is so that I could have a benchmark on where it takes place in relation to other episodes that featured the Moon.

I probably put more thought into this timeline than the people who made the anime probably did.

Please note: The majority of the dates in this timeline are not official. This is just what I came up with after thinking about it and making some calculations.

Also, I feel the need to point out that I do not assume that the Amestris and Earth calendar are the same. In episode 51, it was 1915 in Amestris and 1921 in Munich, and in the movie, it was 1917 in Amestris and 1923 in Munich, so that would imply the Amestris calendar is 6 years behind our calendar. However, in episodes 49 and 50, it was, again, 1915 in Amestris, but when Ed went through the Gate to London, it was September 2nd, 1916, so that means that the Amestris and Earth calendars aren't necessarily 6 years apart, but rather that the Gate can take someone to any point in time in the other universe. I just put the calendars in numerical order for convenience.

As for when the episodes and video games (except for Fullmetal Alchemist 3: The Girl Who Succeeds God because I don't know where to place it) themselves take place in my opinion (not putting this on the actual timeline since it's my headcanon):

Episodes 1-2: July 1914

Episodes 10-13: August-September 1914

Episodes 14-17 and Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir: October-November 1914

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel: December 1914

Episodes 18-23: January 1915

Episodes 23-28: February 1915

Episodes 28-35: March 1915

Episodes 36-43: April-May 1915

Episodes 43-51: June 1915
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Pettupottu Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
Sorry to dig up on an old post, but where did you get the info that the zeppelin thing, alternate-Ed dying and Hohenheim getting summoned by General Churchill happen in 1916? I've been digging through the episodes but I don't see it confirmed anywhere and that is the only thing that doesn't make sense. Why would it be off from the pattern established?
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Student Filmographer
At the end of episode 48, in the next episode preview for episode 49, Al says "On the night of September 2nd, 1916 A.D., sixteen demons clouded the skies over London."
LilJinjo Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
For 1901 you forgot Fletcher Tringham's birth
IsangsimaronBatis Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your timeline is AMAZING thank you for sharing it with the world^^ ^^^ 

With Bradley's first move being in 1901,  it seems like he could be as young as 14, putting him in the second generation of Homunculi. 
LilJinjo Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Lyra is 23 so her birth year was 1891 and her birth name is Lyra Lilian Yoki. She's the same age as Kain Fuery and Lt. Yoki is her father.
LilJinjo Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
My guess is that Yoki is Lyra's father
LilJinjo Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
What about Lyra? When was she born and to who?
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Student Filmographer
I've looked it up, but I haven't found any info on her family. The FMA Wiki says that she's in her mid-20's though, so she was probably born in the late-1880's or early-1890's.
LilJinjo Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I know that Lyra was born in 1891 since she was 20 when she worked with Yoki.
joaocouto Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how do you know this?
1919 (Amestris):
-Aquroya sinks into the lake.
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Student Filmographer
Well, in episode 10, they said that Aquroya was going to sink into the lake in 5 years, and that episode took place in 1914.
PepperPeck Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh.sweet.lord....iI have never seen such a COMPLETE research...BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL ! Happy Happy..Onion
You can' imagine how helpful this is - and how much work this is going to give me fixing up my timeline, aaaarh......
Just one question : there's a whole lot of things about Lebis, Armony, etc....I'm no expert, but isn't that in a videogame ?
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Student Filmographer
They indeed are in video games (the PS2 ones, to be more specific), but according to the FMA wiki, they take place in the first anime's continuity.
PepperPeck Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oki doki.
So...if one is writing a fanfiction of some sort, one should include those elements in his timeline ?
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Filmographer
Nah, they're not necessary. I just listed them here for the sake of completeness.
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Filmographer
Nah, they're not necessary.
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sure, what do you have questions on?
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
The first thing is about an apparent gap in the timeline. In episode 13, Ed had his yearly State Alchemist assesment, which in episode 7, happened for Shou Tucker, and was shortly after Ed's birthday in episode 6. This would mean that episode 23 happened almost a year after episode 13, which is consistent if we assume that Rose was raped in episode 14 and gave birth some time before episode 39. However, for that to have happened, there would have had to have a several month long time skip, but it doesn't really seem like there was one, because if it did, that means that Ed and Al spent several months looking for Dr. Marcoh (even though he was at a village near East City) and that the Central army also spent that same amount of time in East City because of Scar. It doesn't help that I marked down the amount of days between episodes 14 and 39 and only a couple of months tops were shown passing on-screen. So do you think to have a several month long timeskip between episodes 13 and 14 was a good decision?

The second thing is about Ed's birthday. In episode 5, which took place in October 1910, Hawkeye told Hughes that babies aren't born in five months, which means that Elycia was born in February 1911. However, in episode 6, Shou Tucker asked Ed if he was ready to take the test ''this year'', which would have been in 1910, but Ed's birthday (and Elycia's, since she has the same birthday) happened before the exam. This would place Ed's birthday and Elycia's birth in 1910. Since in episode 13, Hughes said that she turned three this year, that would place it, and the previous episodes, in late 1913, and then the series would end in late 1914, changing the timeline by a few months. I hear that in an official guide for the first anime, Ed's birthday is on February 3rd, so do you think that I should go by official word, or follow my own assumptions?
Blackmass81 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm not sure about this one, but I don't think there should be a several month time skip. but I believe you should get another opinion on this one.

I believe that you should go by official word, besides I think that the month of October should be saved for morning Trisha Elrics death.
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
Okay, thanks for the tips. I'll make an alternate version of this timeline on the bottom part though, and label each version as ''backed up by the guidebook'' and ''based on my personal theories'', just in case.
Blackmass81 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
great idea, and it was no problem.
SamDeanCastielLover Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Writer
AWESOME! I've been looking for something like this, but nothing has really helped. THANKS

64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Filmographer
Hehe, no problem! Happy to help out!
under72hours Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
64SuperNintendo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student Filmographer
I'll do them soon, I've been getting lazy these past few days.
tansyuduri Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Student Writer
very nice!
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